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Net Top

200,00 $USD

Introducing our Net Top, a magnificent fusion of artistry and fashion, poised to revolutionize your wardrobe. Meticulously handcrafted by a group of talented Colombian woman artisans, who, as the heads of their families, have poured their passion and expertise into creating this exquisite masterpiece. Crafted with the finest Murano beads, each intricately woven together, the Net Top epitomizes elegance and showcases cutting-edge style. Its unique design and flawless craftsmanship make it a standout in any crowd. With its delicate allure and timeless appeal, the Net Top invites you to embrace a world where tradition meets innovation, empowering these skilled artisans and celebrating their remarkable talent. Be captivated by this extraordinary creation and experience fashion in its purest form.

Murano beads
Avoid spilling liquid on the top as it can damage the beads. Avoid contact with sharp objects that can cut the threads. Avoid extreme heat. Takes 7-10 business days to ship